Hello everyone, I am planning on doing my C test as soon as possible, I have sent the D2 form off and now just waiting until I can get a theory booked. I have wanted to drive trucks since I was very young when my Granddad and uncles were all driving artics but since leaving school and college I have worked in sales. Good money, 22k a year but not something I enjoyed. I resigned last year after a conversation with a guy I sat next to asked me the question, what do you want to do want to do with your life? I said that I would stay there for a bit and then find a job I enjoyed. His response was the reason I resigned, he told me that he had said the same thing TWENTY years earlier. I left the day after and started work with my dad who owns a limousine company. I am now on my way to doing the thing I enjoy most, driving. Sorry about the long story but sometimes it’s good to know why people are going into driving and what they have done before.

I do have a few questions:

Does anyone know of any good schools in the Manchester area, don’t mind travelling too far.

Also, does anyone think my history of driving limousines would help me get a job; I have been driving them for nearly two years now. I only did it part time when I was in sales but it is good experience for negotiating corners, roundabouts etc.

Any help in other areas would be greatly appreciated, again, sorry for the long intro!!

Hi dchat1983. Welcome to TNUK. :smiley:

I agree. It’s nice to know a bit of background on people. :wink:

I can identify with your story because I’ve been in a similar position. I used to work for a bank. Snazzy title, my own business cards, suave suts, decent money and so on. But it did my head in working with all these lah-de-dah numpties with their heads up their arses!! And the job itself was so bloody boring. :unamused:

So I did my LGV tests and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Honestly.

Not going to waffle on for pages, but in answer to your questions: -

  1. Can’t recommend a school in your area, but I’m sure someone will see this who can.

  2. I think your Limo experience will be a big help to you. Not only in finding work, but also in passing your C test. You will have experience of driving long-wheelbase vehicles.

Are you planning to do your CE also?

I’ve just answered a question in THIS thread which you may find useful as it is somewhat relevant to your position. :wink:

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please ask - either on here or by PM.

Good luck. :smiley: :wink:

Driver Hire in Oldham have a big banner outside offering funding for hgv wannabees, iirc it does involve a 2 year contract, might be worth phoning them, you can always turn it down.

Cheers for that. This site is really helping me gain knowledge of the industry. It’s good to see that so many people are friendly and helpful to others, you don’t see that much in Britain at the minute.

Thanks again, any more help would be brilliant!

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I trained with red rose training at farnworth - found them a good company. Mind that was a few years ago - but they still seem to be going strong.

hi there i passed with enterprise in manchester priced very resonable

they do the training for driver hire in oldham they have good friendly instructors
with 1 - 1 training

hi there i passed with enterprise in manchester priced very resonable

they do the training for driver hire in oldham they have good friendly instructors
with 1 - 1 training

Another one for them Colin one of the trainers is a top bloke they also do other courses ie HIAB and ADR … I did my training with another long established company that being stockport lgv all there staff have been driver trainers for a min of 15 yrs … whilst the fleet is not the most up todate they are very efficient and 1:1 training. In my opinon one to avoid is Pioneer they have a very good pass rate but they take there tests in Kirkham and you dont always do 1:1 training… I know this due to a few of my m8s having lessons with them most of them passed 1st time but others took quite a bit longer sometimes 4th attempt < they tend to loose perspective if you dont pass 1st time.