Greece ferry fire

Just seen on the news that the Greece ferry is on fire ,must be the Ancona to Igoumenitsa ? It was a decent boat when I went on it.

Patras to Ancona, Norman Atlantic

From the pics I’ve seen it’s well alight. Former LD Lines ship, a Visentini built sister of the Stena Horizon doing Rosslare - Cherbourg and the Stena Belfast - Birkenhead boats. They are ok but not much space for long crossings like this. Hope everyone gets of ok, must be so scary

I wouldn’t have fancied being on that 1. Saw it on the news this morning, and just now, blimey it has certainly burnt out well :open_mouth:
I know the rescue has been hampered by the weather and smoke, but it seems like the effort has been abit, “lame.”