Great :-(

Been off 12 weeks just back to work and I get a chuffin water leak in the bathroom that’s come through to the living room GREAT :imp:

And breath

It never rains… :wink:

The second word is Off

Is the first “stopcock”? :smiley:

Too many letters master :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now you should have been doing these visual house checks while you were recuperating. You know it makes sense. :wink:

In your excitement getting back to work, did you leave the Bath Running ? [emoji12]

No it looks like it’s from where the water goes from the tank to the pan and it looks like it’s been dripping constant for some chuffin time. Worse still new parts don’t wanna fit nicely so it looks like a new bathroom sooner than I was hoping.
On a plus side the shower will be gone and a nice soak bath put in :grimacing: