Great place to park up and eat

hope this doesn’t contravene any advertising rules but thought i’d share this info with fellow road warriors as i found a great place to park up for a break and eat good cafe food.
its called geesons lorry park i think and is located at sandy hill park, middleton by wirksworth derbys (entrance off porter lane)
theres loads of room to park, a brilliant cafe with good food and banter, a wagon spares retailer onsite and i think a keyfuels pump as well.
worth a visit for anyone travelling from matlock area to ashbourne
the breakfast i had was hot, plentiful, reasonably priced and most importantly served really quick. :wink:
safe drivin everyone

Would that be Janes Cafe in the lorry park?

Would that be Janes Cafe in the lorry park?

hi mate
yes thats the one :smiley:

Jayne is open 0730. - 1400 ,drivers do park over night here ,it’s I think £3 a night that’s if anyone sees you ,there’s loads of space ,it’s literally 4 mins walk to the Rising sun they do food most nights ,and free wifi too ,your not supposed to leave here before 5 am due olicencing restriction s.

Great memorys of janes café.Someone put a picture on tnuk a good while ago and it had all been done up.Due to being retired 13yrs I havnt been in for 15yrs but they were having trouble with a resident across the rd then.The café then was like a big shed,the toilets rough but clean,the food all homemade and delicious.The welcome was always homely and reasonably priced.I think the parking was a pound and you had to be there before 6.00pm and not leave before 6.00am.The parking was deeply potholed dusty when dry,flooded when wet but still a great café,happy days.
regards dave.
P.S.Sorry all ive just read the op again ime thinking about janes at bawtry off the old a1 at blyth on the a614 I see now it is all gone,shame.