Great Bear any info please

Hi. It seems Great Bear are opening a large facility next year nr 29a M1. Just wondered what they are like to work for and idea of pay as well. Seems to be 4 on 4 off as norm. Thanks

don’t know wot they are like to work for but can confirm building is commencing at jct 29a should be open early at year.

Done a few runs up to Great Bear Sheffield, nice wide bays and acres of space. :smiley:

Done Agency for them at Skelmersdale, do a lot for Cadburys. Fleet trucks, think they are lease so well maintained, never pushed or constant phone calls. Traffic Clerk at Skem was as charismatic as a dose of clap, was the only drawback working for them seeing his ■■■■ ■■■ face first thing in the morning. Can’t comment on wages. Do they still have the pop contact near Loughboro, Cott I think it was called.

Last time I delivered into Cotts in Pontefract they were doing the transport

Ex Great Bear driver from Chadderton at our place said he took home about £380 for 52 hours on a 5 day shift.