Graves Transport

Anybody got photos of a company I think is called Graves, has 2 intials before the name on the trucks M.J.Graves or something. Blue lorries that are air brushed??

not 100% sure but dont think graves are running anymore am sure the vehicles got sold on when the owner got locked up

Just checked their website, which had some photos of the trucks, and it’s been taken down, it used to be at

as Peter rightly says they are not around any more, they used to be based out of the docks at Felixstowe and had a vehicle recovery business as well.

They ran dark blue Volvos with murals on them. The firm and owner were prosecuted in 2003 following a fatal accident on the A12 when one of their trucks carrying a container ran into the back of a car that had broken down, killing the driver of the car, in 1999.

Martin Graves and his driver were jailed, I think for corporate manslaughter which was a relatively new offence, becauise it was proven that he had encouraged drivers to exceed their legal hours.

The full story can be read here:

Some of the trucks can still be seen on containers, one has a Beatles themed paintjob and has signwriting for a company called ‘Luxsped’.

Ah ok I didn’t realise that had happened, a driver and operators worst nightmare. I remember seeing them in a magazine a while back when they bought a second hand DAF 95 Super Space Cab and did a super bike theme on it, I thought all their motors looked smart for their age.

The firm’s licence was withdrawn, but that must have been some years ago now.

VOSA have really clamped down on Felixstowe operators, you only have to look at their digest of cases. With situations like this one it’s a good thing they have, too, in my opinion. Smart motors they may have been, but if the driver’s been on for 20 hours then they’re smart looking death traps…

I think its about time the goverment clamped down on drivers working past the legal limit, easier said than done but it would sort the haulage industry out in ways of working conditions but then no £££. Its maybe past the point of return.

I think M J graves is still goin cos one of there volvos with start wars airbrushed is still about with the name and tht goes about southampton…

Didnt they used to have an Only fools and horses 95 XF? Sure Ive seen it recently…

yea they have an only fools xf looks mint

they have a volvo with the beetles airbrushed on it and loads of other trucks lol

mostly volvo and daf fleet

Here is one of his trucks in a line up at Peterborough. I knew Martin when he used to be a fitter at Duffields in Norwich.

Thats the DAF I like in the back ground