Grantham parking

dont know if anyone uses this area but just read this. … l-9206581/

Thick village idiots with comments of why don’t they use the truck stop, the answer is blatantly obvious: Because it was full up and their hours are up and have no choice left to park there .
I expect the residents are those who think it’s better to get freight on the railway or canal , yes I said canal and I had to inform a commentator the fact of order goods today , delivery tomorrow aspect that everyone accepts.
And chugging along the canal at 4 mph is a lot slower than 56 mph .

Whereas we need to park overnight and these villagers benefit from having lorries on the road, you’ve got to be sensitive to people’s environments. And having richards floating down your kerbs ain’t nice. We don’t help ourselves sometimes.

I can’t see a problem with parking in long bennington, on the right as you go in, just before the business park, Yes there’s rubbish and usual Tizer bottles along there, but some idiots have been parking on the left in the village on the roadside, A few always spoil it…