Got to meet truckerjimbo- Who have you meet of trucknet?

got to meet truckerjimbo on friday…nice bloke & looks a lot younger than he is :wink:


Thanks mate. Its a small world!!!

To young to be a truck driver, I wish. 30 next year as the girlfriend keeps reminding me.

I think that Adsa uniform makes me look even younger. LOL

Nice chat mate.


Good question. I suspect I have met several over the years. You never know with the anonymity on here. see if this jogs any memories. I’m the one in the checked overshirt. The other is TeaBreak70.

See this thread. :bulb:

Ah well, back to normal, then.
I suppose everyone else does do those things then, eh?

Why does that matter anyway? And why bother putting that link up when it starts with saying that the old thread was, in fact, old.

More to the point, you don’t do any of those things now, but what will you do if the job you do now goes to the wall? You are so sure it won’t but so were many others.

Sometimes you go way off mark, the question was “who”, not “what don’t you do?”

bobthedog You look too young to be a truck driver ,BoB. :laughing:

Can you see any difference…? Its a bit lighter & sharper… I mean;them pop rivets show up better. :laughing:

I can see a big difference, Harry. Now you can see the grey hair and my shirt looks clean!! :laughing: