got new job

hi all well just finished my last week on the agency, after all the graft this week glad off the bank hol. Anyway i got the job at walon and i start on tue so i have set my self the new challange of learning the transporters. Hopefully i won’t damage owt.

Congrats mate, you looking forward to it?

Transporters eh? thats a hard graft and no doubt, but all I ever hear from guys that do it, is it is very rewarding!

Good luck,


cheers pal can’t wait just hope i ain’t got too lazy with the polypipe deliveries no more getting up at 7 when shop opens lol.

Talking to my pal the other day who is on for Walon out of Grimsby, told me that Walon are in a lot of trouble as they have lost a lot of work out of Toyota and BMW, he said that they are scrapping the name Walon and going as Autologic and also decreasing the fleet. Who knows what the future holds for them as of a lot of Hauliers at this present time but i hope it works out there for you steve07.

hopefully pal at least if they get rid off me i don’t have to pay them that stupid amount back for training.

stevie i heard today that walon are going to autologistics and are getting rid off all the dead area’s, They have fore warned 30 drivers at teesport they will be recieving 30 days notice.But they are also wanting 40 new trucks, which they can’t get at the minute. And the training is going very well accept from being mind blowing there’s so much to take in.

Are you training on the 11 plus mate? after you train and your out by yourself thats when the fun starts but its worth it. I thought Walon were doing ok up in Teesport with the Renaults? also heard that they have lost BMW’s from M62 corridor up to Scotland? They must have something in the pipeline if buying another 40 trucks then mate so good luck and dont forget to drink plenty of water while your sweating in this heat putting and taking off them cars :laughing: :laughing:

Walon / Autolgic

check it out

AutoLogic is a leading provider of technical and logistics services to the automotive industry, is today announcing its unaudited preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2007.

Financial and Business Development Highlights

Significant reduction in net debt to £3.3 million at 31 December 2007 (2006: £30.4 million) through disposals and a placing of 16.9 million new Ordinary Shares in February 2007 to raise £12.1 million (net)
Revenue from continuing operations £180.7 million (2006: £187.1 million)
Pre-exceptional operating profit from continuing operations £5.5 million (2006: £5.8 million)
Pre-exceptional pre-tax profit from continuing operations £4.6 million (2006: £2.0 million)
Statutory loss for the year of £22.6 million (2006: loss of £0.2 million)
Loss of significant Ford contract announced in September 2007
New senior management team appointed

Well don’t stop their for christ sake :cry:

cheers pal yeah i’m training on the 11 plus it’s mind bogling, It’s true they lost the m62 corridor to the company they own 40% off one off the irish firms by the sound off it. But everything is hush hush at the minute It sounds like everything up north they have lost or it’s slowed down.