Got my first job/ questions

I think. Should be confirmed tomorrow. :sunglasses:

Sounds nice and easy just running between factories in Stoke and Chorley. No handball either so seems like a nice starter from the agency to get some experience in.

A couple of questions however.

1,If i’m hanging around the factory making my 8 hour shift up do I leave the digi tacho in or remove it as soon as i’ve finshed driving for the day?

2, Do I need to get a print off at the end of every shift or will it just be stored on the card?

I’m sure i’ll have a few more questions before Monday but thanks anyway.

if you are doing other work you need to record it so if no-one is going to use your wagon just leave it in on other work but remember to either remove it completely or put it to rest when you finish for the day. (personally i think its better to remove it so you know it is out and not on other work)

if you are doing agency work then get a print out (thats what i do anyway) but the company will probably ask you to down load it every week anyway so its up to you really.
just ask in the transport office and they will tell you what they like you to do.

good luck mate

Thanks Giblsa. I suppose as long as i’m well withing my daily driving hours then the card can stay in on other work?

Dont imagine even going close to full hours just going between Stoke & Chorley.

it doesn’t even matter if you do reach the 9/10 hours driving you can still do a couple of hours other work before you reach your mythical 15 hours (i say mythical because of the 9 hours rest needed before the end of the 24hr period from when you started)

just remember to remove/switch to rest before you bugger off home.

and yes all the data will be stored on your card

As above you can leave card in on other work if no one else will use the vehicle and remove it at the end of your shift. You only really need a print out if you forget to put in on rest and can then make a note on the printout.

Remember - the less driving & other work you record the better so you keep your WTD 48 hour weekly average down.

One other thing to remember if you are making you shift up without actually doing any other work and you know how long you have to wait you can put it on POA (period of availability) as this does not add to working time (i think).

So to get this right if i’m unloading or loading the tacho goes on the cross (working) which it defaults to anyway.

And if i’m hanging around doing nothing I switch it to the box thing (available for work) which doesnt count towards my working hours.

Not forgetting to put some breaks in along the way.

Is that right?


Sounds right to me. Thats how i do it.