Got my Car back today ... 2 unlucky people wont be

Just recieved delivery of my Car which broke down in Cornwall last week and had to be recovered back home. Class 2 Car Transporter pulled up with 2 well smashed up cars on the top, luckily mine was on the bottom ramp.

He’d only gone and driven the transporter under a low bridge … front car has windscreen and roof pushed back a few feet, and must have snapped the chains holding it down. It then got smashed into the 4x4 behind it .

To top it all off, he starts driving my car off the ramp down the removable ramps, and one of them moves, both me and the mrs were watching in pure horror , hoping that he doesnt smash up his 3rd car of the day.

I suspect he will at least get a good bollocking when he gets back.

Edit: Yes he admitted to me that he did it btw lol. turned up at 5pm 4 hours late

name and shame :stuck_out_tongue:

not gonna name em but will give some quite obvious clues :slight_smile:

Contractor based near Truro for the Orange Breakdown Vans .

driver said it was an 11ft something bridge

So he did notice the bridge height? Maybe he’ll try a 12 foot next time! :laughing:

It looks like the new vauxhall
with the panoramic roof now :laughing:

oh dear mr ferris aint going to be to happy with that insurance claim :blush: :blush: :blush: :cry: