Got a last minute cancellation and passed

second attempt, but I passed and I’m over the moon. It was far from a perfect drive, I pulled onto a roundabout and was well committed and a car came flying around no indicator, wrong lane and my head went I was swearing my head off and actually said can we turn around now, I got failed on a similar incident last time 0 minors but one serious… A roundabout!

He actually said Rich I usually don’t say anything until the end of the test but I have not marked anything down, take a deep breath and carry on

I gave it my all, slight niggle here and there is just 3 minors

Guys never give in, when you hear them words it’s magic

Congtatulations mate! Its a good feeling isn’t it?

Was blown away I didn’t expect it, reverse didn’t go in first go, roundabout issue… Was the same examiner so as soon as the incident at the roundabout happened I just thought that’s it then!

Was a good drive but Could of been better!

Thank God it’s over!


Few drinks to celebrate :grimacing:

Can’t, baby over due I’m on standby :frowning:

But cheers kidder!

Congrats class 1 or 2?

Class one :grimacing:

Nice work. Jealous!

Cheers dave… Crack on with it you will get it!

Congrats pal

Cheers :grimacing:

Congratulations. Good to get an examiner that lives in the real world :smiley:

Yeah, hope mines the same!

He failed me two ago on a roundabout same scenario, which is why I actually thought I cocked it up! He maybe took on board what I said to him “get in the real world”

I must admit I did apologise once he passed me for gobbing off last time haha :open_mouth: