Got a job...

… only, it’s driving buses :confused: :laughing:

Forgot to update my earlier post, got my Cat C end of Feb, then got offered free Cat D training through Jobcentre, so got my cat D end of May. Have spent the last few months enjoying the sunshine, only semi-seriously started looking for jobs over the last few weeks.

I haven’t bothered doing FLT / ADR / HIAB at the moment as the advice I was consistently getting was along the lines of “Don’t bother until you have experience”.

Something I’ve quickly realised is, agencies are blood sucking, bottom-feeding, ■■■■■. But, almost inevitably, they seem to be a bit of a necessity for newly qualified drivers. The rates they are offering are normally ~£7.50/hr for Class 2, I’ve seen lower… and even as low as £6.31 (yes, minimum bloody wage) though that seems mostly reserved for 7.5T work. Mostly residential/DIY multi-drop work, handballing fridges, TVs and washing machines up god knows how many stairs. And probably taking the old ones away too. ■■■■, that !

And, even once you tell them to ■■■■ off, they still keep phoning you 3 times a day :exclamation: :question:

So, I found myself applying for a cushy wee permanent number driving buses (small ones, big ones, and really bloody big ones :laughing: ) in a fairly rural part of Central Scotland, ~20 mins from home. Guaranteed hours, guaranteed money, and if nothing else it’ll give me that all important ‘large’ vehicle experience.

They called and offered the job yesterday… having weighed up my options, decided to accept it and give it a go… as for the agencies, they can go ■■■■ themselves for £6.31 an hour ! :laughing: I’m a bit apprehensive about it, but pleased/relieved to have found something relatively quickly, even if it’s not quite what I wanted.

Gonna get my C+E done when I get annual leave so that I at least have it, then after maybe a year, start looking for permanent LGV work.

Although I wanted to have my Cat D as a fall back in case i couldn’t find any work, I did have a strong aversion to buses… or rather, to passengers… but I’ve had some helpful advice from a few of you on here, which I’ve taken on board (pardon the pun :stuck_out_tongue: )… so thanks for that. This particular job should be easy enough, as I say it’s in fairly rural Central Scotland, so no inner-city housing estates and the related junkies, city-centre traffic etc, to deal with.

That said, I guess I’ll be ■■■■■■ in winter if (when) it snows :astonished: Might be fun tho :smiley:


Glad you got something sorted mate. I think you have the right attitude - take this while it’s on offer, and still aim longer term for C+E work. Best of luck!