Got a job!

Well after a small break to let the reality sink in I’ve finally started contacting firms locally to see if I can get some part time work whilst still in my office job with a view to getting experience on the road for when I’m ready to go full time.

I rang about 9 firms today. None of them were negative, some were very helpful indeed.

Just as a heads up, insurance excess for agencies generally runs at about £500/driver/year for a driver with over 2 yrs experience, it goes up to £1000 for a driver with just a 1 yr. For small agencies a driver with 0 experience will cost £2500 or more on the excess. However although this guy couldn’t take me with 0 exp he did say to ring again in 6-8 months as he anticipates changes for the better later in the year. Also I always thought it was just the time since passing which helped however many insurance companies now want proof of 184 driving hrs to prove 1yrs exp.

A local crane firm was very helpful and has pretty much said I can go out with low-loader and crane crews on my days off to get exp anyway (whether I’ll get to drive I don’t know but it will put me in a good light with this firm who are based just around the corner from me).

I’ve a couple of decent leads to work on and an agency in Southampton to go see ref container work so given I took the easy route and used the phone today I feel pretty good. I half expected guffaws especially from the scrap metal chaps I rang but no, everyone was very helpful, I have even picked up a few useful contacts for the future (euro and motorsport work).

Fingers crossed

A local crane firm was very helpful and has pretty much said I can go out with low-loader and crane crews on my days off to get exp anyway (whether I’ll get to drive I don’t know but it will put me in a good light with this firm who are based just around the corner from me).

Fingers crossed

Getting paid? even if you’re not the experience will be very valuable, show a good work ethic and could lead to a job :smiley: :grimacing: :smiley:

I have no expectation of being paid to tag along, if I end up doing the lions share of work I might feel differently but I got the impression I would really be a passenger/observer.

They do some pretty big equipment so quite interested to get a closer look at it all.

Ive done the tag along route to gain experience , and you pick up some great tips as your with a driver who knows his job , just watching them can be a big help , you see where they position the unit to get around things and how to set up for an easier reverse , all helps , your not taking a job away from anyone as your not on ur own and doing the job for free , hope it goes well

Well I went along to an interview today for some fridge work, I’ve an assessment tomorrow and I have the vibe that so long as I don’t screw that up too badly, as I have the licence and I want to work I’m pretty much guaranteed part time work, primarily doing Waitrose RDC stuff, Sittingbourne, Bracknell etc out of Littlehampton.

I need to get my head around the hours thing, I know that as it stands I could drive Tues, Weds and every other Sat OK (I do Mon/Thurs/Fri 10hrs each in an office so no driving) so I am guessing I could easily drive Sat & Sun weekly and one of the other days fortnightly, but could I do Weds & Sat every week? This would give me Tues and Sun off every week? I’ll have a little dig around as my gut says that may not work over the spread.

But overall pretty pleased with myself, OK its not containers straight off but it looks fairly clean, relatively simple work. All RDCs, no store deliveries. Just have to not ■■■■ it up tomorrow! :smiley:

Just looked and that doesn’t work but I think fortnightly it would;

If I did

Week 1
Mon 10 hrs office (06.30-16.30 usually)
Tues rest
Weds Drive
Thurs 10 hrs office (06.30-16.30 usually)
Fri 10 hrs office (06.30-16.30 usually)
Sat Drive
Sun rest

Week 2
Mon 10 hrs office (06.30-16.30 usually)
Tues rest
Weds rest
Thurs 10 hrs office (06.30-16.30 usually)
Fri 10 hrs office (06.30-16.30 usually)
Sat Drive
Sun Drive

And kept that up on a cycle, as I have the 45 in week 2 over the Tues/Weds would I be in the clear? They really need weekend people and I don’t mind too much (yet) so may as well get all the experience I can is my thinking…

Hi hun
Depends on a couple of things, what time you finished your office hours and what time you started your shift driving . Also it might work for a fortnight but weekly rest and paying back rest works over 3 weeks you might trip yourself up on the 3rd week.not having done the 2 job thing with driving hours im not 100% sorry but im sure the trucknet hours CSI will be along shortly lol.
Been past waitrose Bracknell many a time as poundlands shops not far from there been doing 55 on the 327 and 1 of thier deckers have flew past like the devils after it lol.


That’s true, I hadn’t thought of payback, I was just working on a week of reduced rest followed by a full. It is a bit confusing (or seems so) trying to combine the two but I’m sure I can swing one or two days a week at least.

LOL, Well I won’t be flying by like the devil I can assure you, I’ll be the only bang on the speed limit with my head swinging from mirror to mirror like a nodding dog, probably turning blue from forgetting to breathe! :grimacing: (at least to start with!)

Good luck tomorrow go for it.look on the assessment as you interviewing them are they good enough to have you work for them :smiley:

Assessment went well, pretty smooth, it was a DAF auto, decent sized sleeper cab, pretty clean and tidy, 57 plate. He said it was indicative of the rest of the fleet. It was my first drive in a full auto, they do have some manuals too though. I was pleased with my drive, didn’t even scuff the kerb where he said everyone did and not to worry, kept well away.

Reversing back into the yard between a trailer and another truck and trailer (I didn’t even pay attention to whether the three blokes hanging about were watching or not) was a bit intimidating and I didn’t quite set myself up right, but I didn’t stress, did about 4 or maybe 5 small shunts and got it in uber straight. I know I need to let the trailer run further when I’m reversing and he spotted it too but both of us know that with more experience and confidence I’ll be fine. He did say that my run was smoother than the chap he took out yesterday so that made me sit a bit straighter :smiley:

So I start on Sunday, doing Monday too and if they need me they can call me for Sat. Aiming to do two days driving per week in between my three days office work, just need to figure out the hours/spread now to make sure we both keep it straight for VOSA.

Am looking at using to keep track of things at first.

Could use a bit of advice though from the savvy peeps to keep me straight please! :slight_smile:

Congratulations - pleased to see it worked out for you. For driving hours I use an app there is iPhone and android versions available. From your post above I think you are getting a good grasp of driving hours already :wink: My favourite quick reference website is this Driver Rest & Break Periods (Daily & Weekly) | Transports Friend