Google maps app

I downloaded the new version of Google Maps onto my iPad, from the App Store, after reading some of the reviews, I was a little apprehensive, but just to let anyone who’s interested know, it’s brilliant, a new format, looks great, easy to use, you can view your route, get alternative routes, then once you have picked best for you, turn it into sat nav, welcome back google maps, I’ve missed you. :smiley:

It’s a really usefull I always use it and the street view really helps to pinpoint the delivery location if your not sure

My only issue with it is when you zoom in road numbers/names continue to shrink so you can’t see them easily. Would be nice if main roads and junction numbers remained in larger print.

It’s very poor compared with the old style app (before Apple replaced it with their total pile of crap) Apple were slated for the change as their maps were complete crap, so why google have tried to copy it I have no idea !! ( ok maybe I do, it’s probably to make it load faster and use less data so they could incorporate a Sat Nav) but I didn’t want a Sat Nav I wanted a decent map and its is now far from that!
Luckily I didn’t update my phone before I found out just how bad the change was, I updated my iPad first, that is the reason I will not update my phone, all the other “improvements” that come with IOS6 cannot tempt me to update from my far superior original Google Maps App :grimacing:

Shows traffic flow now as well.

I use it along with my navigator map and can’t go wrong. Street view is great to find out if you can park up at your delivery point.