Good Umbrella Companys

As it says on the lid

Name any GOOD UMBRELLA company your working through…

There’s another Topic for bad ones

I did use Maddisons for a bit. they weren’t too bad 8/10

No such thing as a good umbrella company. They all charge at least five times what an accountant would charge to do your books once a year.

I thought it very ironic how the words ‘good’ and ‘umbrella company’ could be used in the same sentence!!

Well im with Zeva and I received a text from them saying they will be ringing me to set up my account, to which they did within 30 minutes, answered a few questions and received an email straight away with my account name and password, and a text with the amount I would be paid on the Friday. Couple of days later I received my account details through the post with 6 expenses sheets and so far have had no problems, as im new to the agency i’ll stick with it for now, can’t fault them up to press!