Good news for anyone applying for a provisional license

Hi Guys - I’m a newbie to this site so hope you are all gonna be nice to me.
Just thought any other wannabe truck drivers out there might be interested in this. Rang the DVLA yesterday to get the form to apply for a provisional LGV and was told that if I waited until March to send the forms in then it’s free of charge - yeah they are scrapping the fee. And it gets better I don’t even have to pay to change from a paper license to a photo license. Was told it was down to a shortage of LGV drivers and it’s to try and encourage more people into the business. So by waiting a couple more weeks I’ve just saved myself nearly £50. Just got to pay for the training, test/s etc now !!!

Hello Smart, Welcome to Trucknet UK:sunglasses:

Well, it certainly sounds like a bonus for anyone thats thinking of gaining their LGV licence. And you say they told you this comes in in March??

That would mean if anyone passing their tests in the near fuure would be wise to wait and send their licences off during March, and saving money, on upgrading… Sounds cool to me… :smiley: :smiley:

Thanx for sharing that with us Smart, and hope you have fun on the Great TrucknetUK… :wink: :wink:

Where do you get the number for DVLA? I’ve always wondered so I can give them an abusive call for allowing such a hideous photo to be put on my license!! :laughing:

ooh sounds great as i have just applied for the forms as well and will wait to see if this is true as for dvla

just got my application forms back and in their is a list of fees but no mention of free licence BUT it does have on it that the fees are correct up until 29th feb 2004 so hope it happens

Well, lets just hope it is true. Cost is one of the biggest issues to guys and girls that are thinking about becoming LGV drivers. Just one little step like this by the DVLA could swing the balance in favour for many people that would otherwise think… “Nah, too much money…”… :wink:

Lets keep our fingers crossed??.. :wink:

ok this may be of some help to all ( not sure if it 100% going ahead but read for yourselves)

New licence fees
Full summary of proposed fees

looks like its going to be a lovely day and ty to smart tart fro bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

Hello Smart Tart & welcome to Trucknet. I see you found us then…after someone (no names mentioned;-) pointed you in the right direction!!