Golf gtd

Changed my motor as my girl was moaning about it , so got a new car but as she’s got a tuned up fiesta st she’s still moaning it’s not fast enough , so I need something fastish but has too be a diesel as she uses it every other week too keep her fuel bill down and also the mileage on her car .
Not driven one but am I right in thinking there 180 ish bhp , I’d of thought they’d go ok , one I’ve got now is 110 Hp and don’t go bad , just want a diesel that will be comparable with a 235 Hp fiesta , or am I going to need a 335d bm etc , ta

You do know your right boot ain’t just for the accelerator,
You can use it to remove teenagers from the house :unamused:

I’m confused on SOOOOOOoooo many levels here… :confused:

Your current car is perfectly fine, if it’s not up to scratch for her, tell her to buy your next one.
Keeping the mileage down on a car is like not having ■■■ with your wife to save her for the next bloke!