Goldstar - containers not the outfit near Heathrow

Anybody give details what this company is like to work for? Hourly rates for tramping, days or nights, how many holidays etc?

There are 2 Companies at Heathrow i can recoment.
Goldstar were number 2,b only as i know the People in Office of the other,and how they handle Drivers.
Ahh,Sorry There is a Company called Bowlen or so,and they are also good. Call it Creme de la Creme.

Goldstar having Mercedes.Very New one already and doing lots of Aircargo too.Having own Workshop,Driver Trainer,and Managers who look like the beter one you just circle around them doing Bow by Bow,but they talk with you as if they were Brothers.(Not sure if you do wrong that could change )
Pay i dont know,but the one drives a expensiv Charger,an old American Muscle Car,and also the Cars on the Carpark looks expensiv.

He said NOT the one near Heathrow :unamused:

Got a couple of mates there out of Liverpool (or Kirby…).

They’re both on the MSC contract, can’t remember the exact figures, but it was something like £6.60 for the 1st 8hrs and time + half after that, but then you got a meal allowance and fuel bonus and they were guaranteed 12.5hrs per day (4.5hrs overtime), on a week with just a couple of hours overtime and no nights out and a medium fuel bonus, 1 that showed me his payslip put around the £440 mark in his bank.

So, low hourly rate, but bonus’ etc.

I was told if you go ‘cab hopping’ you get an extra £50 per week

Don’t know if this helps or not…