GOfers logistics

Hi all,
anybody know much about GOfers logistics recently seen several new Mercs & new Volvos in a black livery look smart are they a new company or just been running plain trucks before, cheers Alan.

Saw one last night fuelling up in Luxembourg. Was on Romanian plates. That is the extent of my knowledge of them.

I have been with them from date they got O licence in April …first two drivers gone after one month …I gone after 2 months …they do pay monthly and I had paid twice and always with problems …first wage delayed for a week , next one was on time but less that have to be they explain that just accountant manager mistake like she wrong counts taxes…traffic runs by romanian planer and romanian director, company runs maltian guy …all there very very strange but as I can see it is still on…they do mostly Italy with full trailers of clothes from china…and no any contract