Glastonbury parking

8 spaces for HGV and coaches on Feversham Lane BA6 9JJ , free parking from 18.00 to 09.00 am , public toilet is shut from 18.00 to 07.00 .
A plethora of pubs and takeaway food in town and chip shops .But some weird looking Druid types walking around, the town is still stuck in the hippie era of the 1970’s , peace out man !
And spot the celebrity, they love this place .

Whats the crac at Nunney Catch nowadays ? Drove past there yesterday, for the first time in ages and the cafe is gone.
Looked like a parking area but are there any facillities there ?

Good point there Mate, it doesn’t look very open to me either, but the EE lads have their weekend off tucked away in the far corner.
There is new car wash and restaurant where the Little Chef was years ago but they cater for upmarket customers and not riff raff lorry drivers due to their high prices.
£14 for a full English breakfast!
Over the years the restaurant part has changed numerous times from different Chinese restaurants and numerous other types.
Here today, gone tomorrow theme going on there .

Parked there (Nunney) about a year ago, thought it was free, but then a guy came over and got a tenner out of me and gave me a parking ticket with no voucher or anything.
There’s a Gregg’s over the road if you fancy a coffee and sarnie.

Not sure about cafe,.but there are always a lot of local tipper boys parked when you go past,.so I assumed it was still open.

Is there a pub or anything in that adjoining village or what?