Has anyone got any pictures of Gibbs at all? I’m particuarly interested in L566 LSA an Iveco Eurotech that my dad drove for Gibbs. If anyone has anything it would be a great help. Cheers.

Here you go - the very wagon you were after:

Here you go - the very wagon you were after:

In classic Iveco pose… Broken down :smiley:

And here is another - presumably in working order…

Thanks for the pictures guys but I’ve already got these two. The one of it broken down was taken by a local Dundee newspaper. The turbo blew on it whilst going through Dundee heading South, and when that happens it equals a lot of flames. My dad stopped and if you look closely he tried to pull the unit away from the trailer, quite brave when its burning. Doesn’t look to bad in the photo but the damage was severe and almost wrote the lorry off. It was repaired and hut the road again but once sold by Gibbs it apparenately caught fire in Dundee again whilst it was in a garage. I’m actually currently looking for this truck, it hasn’t been exported but heard it was being used for spares somewhere in the Dundee area.