Getting logged off / chucked off site

What now ! I am getting logged out / chucked off , when i try to log back in I am told incorrect password / user name having to reset my password,I do this and save the password, its there in my password list. the logging off appears to be random. this is more than annoying.
I really dont like this new site and the lack of response to issues raised, at the moment it appears the other members are the ones helping out the biffs, Forum management / owners very quiet. This is so very frustrating, trying to watch a thread seems to be a case of bookmarking the page and scrolling to find the latest post, my bookmaks list is getting longer with just TN bookmarked threads.
Rant over, time for a stronger coffee.
I dont expect a reply of course

100% agree .what was wrong with old format?
if it aint broke dont fix it

I had the same problem three days ago. Had to reset my password etc. but it took a couple of attempts as the system kept telling me there was already an account attached to my e mail. Whole thing seems pretty random.
I have been using my I pad to access the site since the relaunch but will have access to my laptop next week so will see what happens then.
Gateshead (was Tyneside)

I’m not sure how much help I can be to you, but here goes…

This new TN site is completely new to everybody, but I’d make the observation that there are many people who are already familiar with this type of platform (this dosn’t include me) so I’m struggling with it as much as many others.

There are several reasons for this, such as older people (me) don’t always adapt as well as younger people. There’s also the amount of time that people have available to learn and adapt to the new platform. For my part, I have a full time job and do a lot of the backroom stuff on TN as well, therefore my available time for exploration and learning is somewhat limited, so I’ll just point out that everybody is different and that each to their own etc.

This is the first I’ve heard of somebody being ‘booted off,’ so I can only assume that there’s an issue at your end. I haven’t personally been ‘booted off,’ but I put that down to simply staying logged-in whenever I close my browser, but I’m not sure whether that’s a good answer because I’m a non-techy. I do note that there are a number of helpful people who have spent some time in giving answers to several posters’ questions though.

Hello dd, thanks for taking time to reply. I appreciate you have other things to do .
I am trying to adapt to this style of forum , as an oldide too is certainly a familiar type of fourum I am used to.
I guess I’ll keep persisting with it it just the random getting booted off thing and having to log back on with another new password reset, I originaly thought it was the pc but I have tried another one and a laptop too.
Still as I may have said before having been in the transport industry its a case of adapting and overcoming and putting up with this something else new and not necessarily better.

Thanks for what you do for us .
Still have trouble looking for treads and posts without having to bookmark them in my browser !!

Just a thought, is there any length of inactivity on your part before getting logged off ?

The reason I ask is because there is a feature in Discourse that allows for automatic logging off after a set time of inactivity on the board, I doubt it’s activated but it’s worth considering.

some times happens viewing posts and even posting replies , as I’ve said just reset password and carry on

And again this afternoon,reset password told its the same of my existing password ! Cant see how as its totally different, Oh well.

Oh well another day another password rest FFS