Getting license back from DVLA

I know DVLA say it takes up to 3 weeks and I’ve only been waiting 2 but what have the wait times been for you guys recently for getting your license back after passing cat C. Was hoping I would get a quick turn around as my digi card only took 5 days even though they quoted 3 weeks. I’ve got work lined up but the employer wants to see my license before I can start. And I was hoping to get my class 1 done before my holiday on 11th October. Doubt that will happen now.

Mines took about 1 week to land back with me

Took one week for me to get my licence back, same amount of time for my C+E too.

Admittedly, it was a couple of years ago, but mine took just short of 6 weeks to get back to me…

Mine came back in week each time, in the meantime your employer could ring the DVLA to confirm your pass and any endorsements etc. so you can make a start. You need to be present to speak to the DVLA too to give permission.

License arrived back today along with my CPC card. Now to get working :slight_smile: