Getting Fit

Anyone for a Trip to California?
Seeing Historical Sites and having nice Time off.
Im doing it since i have Diabetes and just Outdoor Activity were good enough to keep Bloodsugar down. Even Month later much beter results then without such Holidays.
Either san Fancisco-Reno-Body-Alabama Hills (John Wayne made most his Movies there)
los Angeles - Lancaster-Alabama Hills
Have in mind 2 Weeks 10 to 18 Day) in November and 3 to 5 Week in February-March when not much Work is in offer by Agency.
Only Hand Bag fly.
Backbag,Sleepingbag,tent and Boots at Walmart much cheaper then here and Airilne cant loos it.
Fly either Los Angeles or San Francisco around £400
Bus around £100.- to £150.- for 2 Weeks,depence how much traveling
Campsite between $12.- and $25.- a Night
Tent-Sleeping Bags (2) and Backbag around $100.- depence on Quality but you may leave it behind when going Home.
Boots needed good one and dont know Price.

Good enough to get rid of a few Kilo and gain fittnes

I am now in Bishop,Owens Valley in a Hostel.
Arrived here last Weekend and hike every Day 5 to 7 Miles.
Weather is “Sunny” with +15 to +22 Degrade Celsius the best Spring Weather for exercising.
Only can recommend. If BA and Virgin Atlantic is too costly,then Norwegianair from Gatewick to LA or Can Francisco were a Solution.

OK,lost 10 Kilo and Blood-Test was successful.
Goin again in November for 2 to 3 Weeks

Just found me a Motel
100 Yard from Lake
Boating and fishing
$66.- per Night or $330.- per Week,or $800.- per Month

Queen size bed
Aircontition / Heating

Hey. 5 min to Walmart or Kmart,a few bucks for a Stove and a few Pans and i cant leave at Home that cheap.
May be too cold for swimming ib February,but hiking and boating is good enough to me :grimacing: