Geoffs Pics

Kögel twin axle 3side Tipper which wont tip behind my little DAF

“Three Pack” which i drag from "Kögel " in Ulm to “Cherau” in Avranches, Normandy France where they are fitted with "frigo "bodies and coolers i then get a complete “frigo” and deliver them to customers allover europe

Loading Three 40ft container chasis at “Renders” Chemnitz, for a Hire firm in Bremerhaven ,i hate these things 18,5tonne which means i have to “drop a cog” on the hills

All strapped down and ready for the off, you dont “fly around corners” with these things behind you

Picked this one up at “sommers” in Bielefeld and delivered to a Mercedes Benz factory in Worth,there they have a “Customer information center” where customers can look and try different unit and trailer combinations

“coupled up” with a 50mm adapter,.Unit has two “hooks” enabling the Unit to pull all types of drag. At the top of the pic is a 5cm thick steel plate the Unit has two , one in front and one behind the 5th wheel weighing 2.2 tons, these are needed because new trailer brakes are first "matched to the unit after 5000km and sometimes they brake after my unit, pushing the back end of the unit out of the corner when braking, nice when its wet !!!

Whoes pulling this one now in the UK ? picked this one up at “Krone” Werlte and dropped it on the Ferry in Cuxhaven for delivery in the UK ,boss wouldn!t let me take it over the water

My DAF was in the workshops so i had take this crap SK, at least is was the same colour as the tipper.I picked the Tipper up at “Schmitz” in Gotha and dilivered it to a Scania dealer in Lleida Spain from there i went down to Cullera wkere i got “weekended”

Poor me !!! “weekended” on the Costa Brava :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This “walking Floor” i picked on a Monday morning in the near from Cullera and drove through Spain,France,Italy,Austria and delivered to a dealer in Bratislavia in Slowania 2478Km :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Great Pic’s gbtransp :smiley:

Nice pics.
That looks like my sort of job,just pulling empty trailers around Europe :smiley: