Genuine Subbie earning expectations

Hey all,

So, having looked through various posts what I want to know is what are peoples realistic expectations of subbie earnings? I’m looking to start out on my own having driven as employed driver for about 5 yrs. The posts I’ve seen vary from £1.30 ishpm up to around £1.80pm. Are these rates based on traction only? Are they fair? What about trailer rental - is it better to sourse own or to take rental off the firm - I see BWD do rental @ £100pw but that sounds a bit OTT. What’s everfyones experiences and what should I be aiming for? I’m based in the NW so has anyone got any recommendatons of who’s decent round Manchester/Liverpool way too?

You will be hoping for anyone to tell you anything to much mate .
i am just starting out on my own again after 20 years away .

i met a bloke last week by chance got chatting to him and he runs truck so i am off to work through him to see how its goes .

you will see a post with rates on that companies are paying as i have put up a few i have spoken to . some of the rates are shocking . where abouts are you based in the n/w
OTE should between £2250 and £4000 depending if own trailer or traction , some on here might be earning more ,
Fuel depends on mileage and weight and how you drive them .
i can tell you where you can rent a truck for £275 all per week . you just insure in and put diesel in .
i have just bought a magnum 520 as i wanted to own some thing .

good luck mate if you need any help or info PM i will be glad to help if i can

take a look at that link for rates

Thanks bigdaz. appreciate the advice there pal. TBH been talking to a few other lads who are owner drivers subbing and the rates aren’t all that bad but don’t really fancy having to stump up the running costs for 60+ days waiting for payment off the cheeky ***** who drag payment out to the arse end of never. The missus would cut my balls off :laughing: so think I’m going to stick with what I know for now.

Sub-contracting rates at 1.30 per mile sound bad until you realise its all miles paid, so your empty miles are also covered. Turns a 100 mile run into a £260 job, assuming you run all the way back empty. I’ve got one of mine on sub contract traction at the moment and its great. Today I’ve collected Killingholme, delivered Grimsby, Nottingham, Bradford and Wakefield and am now running empty to felixstowe. Do I care? Not at all, its all paid for and planned by someone else.

Ok, our other truck is doing 1.80-2.50 a mile, but thats only on the loaded mile so in real terms, its not turning in much more than Subbie McSubcon will pay you and its a lot more stress.

If you are running dedicated for one firm they will usually pay you on either 7 or 14 days terms so no 60+ waits. It does hurt like hell though when you come off that and on to your own work paying at the likes of Eddie’s 63 days end of month.

You can pay 100 per week for a BwD trailer if you want. Or you can get one of your own and do their work with that. I wouldn’t though, I’ve been there and if it was a choice between going back to them or going bust, I’d rather go out of business. I had a very bad experience with them, but I don’t appear to be the most representative, others apparently do well on them. sold my own trailers and come away from my own work, now do traction only for a local to me shipping company @1.50 a mile, paid weekly after 14 days, its the least stressed been in years and love the fact no 2 days work are the same