Gay pride and the Rainbow Truck

Is my mind playing tricks, or did I see a post about a truck painted up in rainbow to 'celebrate’Gay Pride,…has it been removed from here? because of ‘offence’ or did I just read it somewhere else…or dreamt it.

Whatever…but I would not be driving it at any price.
And I am the most tolearant/could not gaf what anyones (legal) 5exual preferences are sort of bloke.
The only thing that does (very mildly) ‘offend’ me is …stupid right on schemes like that truck.
a.Why they feel the need to heavily flaunt it all for publicity.

b. Why it is so overly supported by the band wagon jumping official organisations (even the Old Bill ffs), and rammed down our throats (sorry for the unfortunate use of that phrase btw.:smiley:)

c.And why you are instantly labelled as homo kin ‘phobic’ if you say anything mildly controversial about it all?

Anyhoo gay pride,.
Time for a balance re.dress I reck.
I’m gonna start a ‘Straight pride’ ‘Bloke March’…, where we all parade in our undercrackers, swearing and breaking wind, carrying straight pride banners and shouting stuff like ‘Get yer tits out love’ and walking past Maccy Ds shouting ‘Hows this for a quarter pounder Mrs’ …culminating in a pi55 up in the pub watching football.

Wow…Just realised I’ve described many weekends I have had in the past already :flushed:.:joy:)


Not imagining it, I posted it in the “past, present” thread. You can find it on the DAF FB group as well, but especially for you as it’s made such an impression :wink:, here it is again:

Looks like they missed the opportunity to paint the attachment end of the hiab purple :grin:.

Needless to say there have been a plethora of comments (with which I whole-heartedly agree) along the lines of: A whole month to “celebrate” this, while we have only a single day to commemorate the countless sacrifices of D-Day and/or VE & VJ day?

And, not even a whole day for those that have a pre-arranged a Sky TV interview. Yes Sunak, I’m looking at you…

Cheers I knew I’d seen it somewhere.

Btw…I agree wholeheartedly on the comparison with D day bit.
The main reason these gay guys are even allowed to parade it all around in the street, ramming it down…(oops sorry there I go again with my ‘homophobic’ :roll_eyes:attitude, ) is down to those absolute heroes, dead and alive.

Like I said… do whatever (or whoever) tf you like that floats your boat, I say live and let live…but the rest of us really cant be arsed (nor see the need for) all the fuss you make of it, by mincing around the streets on parade in yer hot pants…(note: not you btw zac.:joy:)

All valid points, it seems to be world wide. I personally don’t care about anyone’s se xual preferences and habits, behind closed doors. I don’t need gay people flaunting their orientation and carrying on like straight people are the minority and to be tolerated only. If it wasn’t for straight people there’d be no gays, or any of the recently discovered eighty-six new genders certain members of the community have decided to identify as.

We have had the gay mardi gras in Sydney, for over forty years. Over forty years of self centred, loud mouths prancing down the main streets of the biggest city in the country, in scanty undercrackers, nuns’ habits, police uniforms and cowboy suits. Why do these idiots think it’s their god given right to offend and denigrate particular sections of the community?,the%20discrimination%20they%20routinely%20experienced.

These clowns are an embarrassment to the sensible and level headed homosexuals, amongst us.
I have also wondered why we can’t shut down Sydney, to celebrate straight pride.

Another thing wtf is this LGBTQXYZ123 about?
It used to be just LGB.
There is a different additional letter everytime you look.

I know of at least 2 lads on here who come under one or even two of these categorories of whom I do not think of any difference to the rest of us…(and why would I.)
What do they think about all the ott high profile stuff,… neccesary ?appropriate ? or do they find it all embarrassing.

I known a lad similar age to myself who certainly aint ashamed of it …and again why would he be, a good lad who keeps his 5exuality to himself.
I also know 2 gay young lads who are friends of my youngest daughter…one of which who has appeared in a tv soap, both nice lads who do not flaunt it or force it on to others…as do all straight people like myself.
As you say where as the clown contingent are just embarrasing for everybody.

Last time I heard anyone on the radio try to spell it all out in a sentence was last week:
“LGBTQIA-plus” they said. To which I have to say, FFS…

When it has to be spoken about I tend to say “Alphabet Mafia”, most people seem to get what that means, anyone who finds that something to complain about is therefore easily identified a mafioso of that inclination, but without having been given enough material to kick off about "Oh! Is that offensive? I thought mafia simply meant ‘family’ I’m terribly sorry… (not) "

Precisely, I know a few gay blokes, two in particular, the same generation as my kids. They are partners to each other, but in a social situation the casual observer would think they were just mates.
In a social gathering, straight people don’t see a need to advertise their 5exuality, but a certain contingent of the gay community are like vegans, they have to tell and try to convert everyone.

I recently got into a fight with a gay who was trying to take advantage of a bad situation I was in. I have done a lot of research into the movement since and see gays are riding on the crest of a wave when positive press and rainbows are taken into account.
All well and good when the decent members of the group are counted but let’s not forget the nasty minority who still do what once gave queers such a bad name.
Male flight cabin attendants, male hairdressers and male medical staff form the three main groups and my concern is medical staff where they mostly work as male nurses and medical support doing cleaning in hospitals.
Last year, I suffered from a motorcycle accident, taking a blow to the head that gave me the symptoms of dementia. At the age of 70 and in a dementia ward, recovery from amnesia and other symptoms seemed remote and it was here that I came across what gay medical staff get up to with terminally ill dementia patients for which there is no recovery.
In the middle of the night, I was ■■■■■■■■ assaulted but managed to fight-off my attacker. Mainly due to my brain re-wiring and giving me the opportunity to recover from the blow to the head. Something that brings on dementia is skull injuries and just brings on a slow death. Medical staff know all about dementia symptoms and how the memory loss and brain problems give them the chance to abuse their patients.
Purely by chance, I stumbled on this abusive behaviour and think it my duty to warn what goes on in a society that now sees people like my attacker in an increasingly positive light.

@rico what happened to you isn’t confined to gays. I hope you reported it to the proper authorities, including the law.
It may not result in a conviction or dismissal, being hard to prove, this time, but it will alert the hospital staff to keep an eye on the offender and avoid rostering him/her to situations where reoffending opportunities are presnt.
If everyone reports offences, a pattern will form, justifying dismissal and hopefully conviction.

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Not a nice experience for you mate, but I would be certain there are just as many of that type of pond life a hole who claim to be straight.

I was thinking the same Rob, a guy where I worked “straight”, married, two late teen/early20’s kids got stung by that Facebook group that outs kiddy fiddlers, he was communicating (so he thought at least) with a 13 yr old boy and trying to arrange a meet up. Thankfully he got met by the Old Bill instead.

How many straight - abusors, rapists, molesters are there out there? I don’t know, but an educated guess tells me there’s more percentage wise per demographic than there is Gay “wrong’uns”.

We are all potentially one bad experience away from hatred so I don’t blame the previous poster here for his views, I just ask that we don’t tar everyone with the same brush.

He shoots, he scores

Nah…still would refuse to drive it.

Looks like the bloke in the background already has.

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As they say in Dragons Den, it’s a NO from me and I won’t be investing so therefore I am out.
I had to call out the Gendarmerie as this deaf bloke kept banging on my cab door saying he had a condom, when the plod arrived they just laughed like in the clip of the Clint Eastwood film and the notoriously hard as nails motorcycle gang got pulled over by CHP but the cops couldn’t give them a ticket because they were all bald and wearing wigs in the film any which way you can.

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Those aren’t pillows, pure comedy gold. those arent pillows scene - Google Search

And still it goes on.
I’m sat on Sky News channel waiting for football press conference to come on.

There is actually a 2 minute advert PROMOTING all this lgbtqxyz stuff…
‘We believe in better’,…they call it, using all the plural pronouns for a singular person.

I could not gaf what you/they believe in, but why do you feel the need to inform me while I’m sat in my front room ffs.:roll_eyes::flushed:
Starting to do my head in now all this stuff.
Watched a programme with Adam Lambert, the new Queen front man, basically listing artists only because they are gay.
Who cares who they shag or co.habit with, it’s an irrelevance,.surely the music they make is what they should be focusing on.
In a society now which is rightly more tolerant to 5exuality etc, I can only see this, of what is essentially promotion of it, actually backfiring and annoying those otherwise tolerant people, to the point of progress all setting back 10 years.


Yes, and I think that’s true of many things these days, not just the Alphabet Mafia, but the situation in Palestine, BLM, JSO…

The more that angry people shove something in your face using the claim that they are “raising awareness”, the more I feel inclined towards ceasing being tolerant. I’d go so far as to say that constant banging on is what is behind the rise in popularity of more right wing views all across Europe.

Isn’t that arguing against your point?
The more the right bangs on about immigration, the more support they get?
Is it entrenching of views?
No side is convincing the other, but they are reinforcing their positions?

I don’t know, just wondering out loud.