Hi all
I’m delivering to 3663 Gateshead Monday morning, does anyone know of anywhere close by I could park up sunday night, closer the better.

Depend’s where about’s in Gateshead they are, if they’re on the TVTE, then right there, as its covered by cctv and patrolled pretty regularly by rentacop.

all I know is it’s on green lane.

I’ve parked on Baltic Rd a few times (off Green Lane)
usually two or three there. Walk down to The Schooner on Sth Shore Rd for a coupla beers. Job’s a good un. Never had any prob’s either.

cheers for that, looks like its where i’ll head for.
looking on google maps south shore road looks a bit of a trek though.

It’s in the Old Fold area, which in past times, wasn’t the best part of Gateshead, (Come to think of it, nor where I lived was. :laughing: ) just along from the stadium.

If your booking allows, then try to get in sharp, as they aren’t the quickest of people from my memory.


well im booked in for 8, I think i’ll be knocking on the door for 7.