Garmin DEZL 770 VS MIO 8670 LM Truck


I work in the industry for 4 years. For all this time used maps to set my route.Use google maps to view street see sings and traffic condition. As emergency(no reception) use MapsME app as it’s only map available on PlayStore in offline mode with buttery smooth loading speeds.
Change employer recently and decide to get SAT NAV.At first Garmin Dezl has best reviews.Dezl Cam seems good but for this price (360) you can get separately good sat nav and even better dash cam.Speed cameras on DezlCam needs annual subscription which is additional cost(29).
Finally I decide to go with Nuvi 465 Truck and with Mio 618 dash cam(72) (free speed cameras lifetime).
Camcorder is sweet.Sat nav lacking big time.
Cant decide which would be better to get.Dezl 770 (or 570) or Mio 8670.
Mio looks preety neat and great value.You can get unit off Mio website for 159.
Cant find any reviews.Looks like its rare here in UK.Some reviews found in Nederlands and Poland.I wander has anyone test it here in GB.Hows dezl770 doing? Any thought would be appreciated.

PS (sorry for my scrappy english)