Gaining Experience as a Newbie

Let me just start off by saying hello to everyone as I’m new to the group.

I’m looking at becoming a professional driver, I’ve been working in the security industry for the past 20 years and feel I need a change. Anyway enough of the boring stuff what I’m actually after is advice on how to gain experience. I havne’t done my test yet, theory & hazzard perception booked for 19th Oct 15 and I have a weeks intensive course (Cat C) primarely booked the following week assuming I pass the theory. With no prior experience of driving anything over 3.5T I wondered who if any will give newbie’s that starting chance? I remember years ago when I served in the army the lads going to agencies and driving at the weekends and on leave etc does this kind of thing still happen?? P.S just for info I live in N.Ireland if anyone knows of companies that do take newbies with no experience.

My place took me on with only 6 months of experience and that was mostly driving 7.5t stuff. Companies now are more likely to take on newbies because there is a drop in the number of drivers. when you’ve passed, hit the streets and go to see the TM and ask if they have anything.

First things first good luck with your theory.

Secondly the way I am doing it is I still have my job driving the Tesco vans ie 3.5 tonne.

But I signed onto an agency to get a little experience on my days off after checking on here that my hours where ok to do so.

The agency said straight away to me that I would have to expect to drive a 7.5 tonne truck for a while until I am proficient then they would get me work driving bigger trucks.

Well I have been out twice now and the first time I was in an 18 tonne truck and thursday just gone I was in a 17 tonne truck.

I wish you all the best with your training

If you have the right attitude you’ll do ok, I was taken on with zero experience two weeks after I passed my class 1.

Go for it! Best of luck.

Hello mate, when I first passed I went with an agency and found it good for experience etc. You can do all sorts with them from class 2 curtains to tippers to HIAB(if you have right ticket) and then when class 1 you can do anything from containers to fridges to curtains etc plus if you fancy a challenge do your ADR and do tankers. As some have said some companies take on zero experience guys and train them up so whatever you choose mate good luck