FW Berk of Sandridge, St Albans & Stratford, London

Aft’noon all,

Four of us are currently researching ‘Associated Octel’ in preparation for a forthcoming book. We know that FW Berk transported bromine in demountable tanks from the AO plant at Hayle in Cornwall (1968-1973), to their works at Sandridge, St Albans and Stratford, East London…initially on flat railway wagons but the tanks were switched to road vehicles mid-journey (certainly in the case of the St Albans works).

Does anyone have any recollections of this…know where the transfer took place…know of any images or have any contacts who might have driven said road vehicles or even know anyone who dealt with the tanks?

Very many thanks for any assistance


F W Berk Bedford with demountable tank taken 1952.transportphotos.com/road/photos


A couple more here

This one also appears on the tanker thread


Hi John,

Thanks for posting the pictures, however, these are quite dissimilar to the small bromine tanks of 1968-1973. The ones that we are looking for are only approx 4ft in length.