dunno about funny , i personaly would have given them aslap,but that would be oooh so wrong on here innit :wink:


ex-doorman :wink:

why is that funny

very funny… i remember my wife telling me about a similar situation in leeds where ther car driver got a gave several bells to the drunk.


that was superb :laughing:

HAHA, i love the part where the trucky reversed.

My grandpop used to drive to a hotel job in the early hours of the mornin and on one particular day, stopped at traffic lights, a drunko decided that the bonnet of the car looked like a rather suitable place to put his head down for the night/day. After a couple minutes of thought of what the bangers to do, grandpop, reversed the car, watching the chap fall to the floor, then carried on as normal. Silly drunko people eh :wink: