Hi Guys,

Id like to start running my own unit and trailer, I have work, but the main problem I have is… FUNDING!!! So i ask, When you guys started out where did you get funding from to cover the gap from starting to first income??


How you getting on with ops licence and everything else?

Hi, I haven’t applied yet as I don’t want to throw money at something that isn’t going to work. Especially about 600 quid!!! Got quotes for unit and trailer and insurance and I estimated fuel costs based on mileage. Just gotta take the plunge with old Mr VOSA or DVSA as they are now. And find some funding to get me through.

are you limited or sole trader

if your a sole trader you can show the funds on a visa card / o/d and money in the bank, and add the lot together :wink:

If you’re starting up, in reality, you will need a lot more in reserve than is mandatory for the operator’s licence.

This is a bit of a guess but I would say you really need to have saved up £15-20k as a starting point to set out running your own artic. Someone will no doubt post they did it on less or all on the drip but it doesn’t give you the best chance if it did there wouldn’t be repo-ed trucks constantly for sale.

How did you get on with insurance quotes quinny, of the 10 I tried only 1 would give me a provisional qoute without an ops licence number, how much was you gettin quoted? What about you other owner drivers?(how much)?
I’d budgeted about 30k to account for rental of everything, ex TM, yard, diesel etc until
The money started to come back in, thankfully Iv got that, without the headache of having a mortgage , nice car on the tick etc, so don’t need wages for a bit, so hopefully I’ll make the leap this year.