Full Time Job

Posted on here a few times having given up a well paid but stressful job to do my class 1 and drive. Spent nearly a year on agency doing a variety of driving and got to drive artics and tankers… Then did my ADR and got an agency job delivering chemicals. Now they’ve taken me on full time, only a 7.5 tonner unfortunately but regular work, uniform life cover and all that sort of stuff. Still lurking on here mind to see what the real truckers are up to!

Well done mate, at least you have secured a full time job :smiley:

Well Done. Great News.

Nice one mate. That’s good. Hope you’re enjoying it…that’s the main thing!

Well Done and good luck

Have to say even though it’s a 7.5 tonner I really enjoy it. I get out and about in the South West, an hour or so driving then unloading and installing gas cylinders, off again to the next drop, no real time pressure and with a small truck no worries about turning round or getting stuck somewhere!

Mind you I still wish I was back driving tankers - if I could get a day job on them that would be even better, I struggled with the 2.30 am starts.