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Hi all ,
new on here , just bought for private use an ec11 - 410 ■■■■■■■ 6x 2 unit - what are folk generally getting to the gallon , running say 32 tons gross & empty with low loader @15 tons ?

I ran a 2001 ECX with the M11-405 and ZF 16 speed on 44 tonne bulk tipper work loaded about 80% of the time and it returned a constant 6.5 mpg. but I could of told you it was doing 9 mpg like some of the day dreamers on the same work as I was!!!

Hi dozer,
thanks for that , going to be used to cart steam engines around , thats generally what i would have expected . whats the weight of a 3 axle ec11 - anybody know ?

I reckon 7300 - 7800 kgs. mine was 7600 with alloy wheels, tipping gear but with a 19" midlift axle.

Anything over 6.5 is good dragging something like that around. I pull a semi with ramps behind an FH13 & get around 6.5 on average I’m 21t empty mind. All depends on the trailer really but if you carting a steam engine about it will be like an anchor whatever you sit it on!!!

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thanks guys , really helpfull - will post a piccy of the whole lot together when done , no doubt i’ll be back looking for some more info :slight_smile:

Where did you buy your ERF from scourfield its just my old pal Kieth The Thief has sold 1 recently, I think his was a 6 wheeler IIRC?

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dont think its the same one - this one’s white & had i lady owner !! , presently near motherwell . but i’ve been wrong before , what i wanted was a british truck to pull a british steam engine , & something that wouldn’t look out of place in a line up .

I see what your saying Kieths from London so I’m only 400 miles out. Yeah why not buy British, I pas a Guys place on my way to work on the old A50 he’s got a steam engine & an Atki Borderer to pull it. Get some pics up when you can & good luck with the ERF.

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