Fuel card needed

orite everyone

need some help ive just started at a company and been given the task of looking at fuel spend as we are being being charged by allstar for using the cards. does any one know a good company to go for as so many on the web would prefer a recomendation if possible.



Silvey’s are good, Fuelcard Services almost as good, best advice is to try to get cards from three suppliers and play them off against each other on price, if you don’t use a card for a few weeks they’ll phone up and ask why not, just tell them you have a better price that week and tell them what it is (or lie to them and quote the cheapest price someone else has got on the sticky at the top of this thread :stuck_out_tongue: ) and they’ll shave a fraction off of it.

cheers will have a look

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Suggest next time you don’t use the same computer as the other 3 accounts from the same fuel card company.