Froch Vs Grove II

So with just 2 days left until the fight that has no doubt captured the attention of fans around the UK, who do you think will win?

I keep changing my mind day to day. Today I surprised myself saying Groves to KO Froch in Rd 6.

Either way, its going to be a barn stormer, a good old Slobber Knocker.

Thoughts and views please :slight_smile:

Groves by a knock out, but will be a hard fight the same as the first one.

Would be looking forward to it if it wasnt for the £17 or £18 Virgin want to watch it.
Just hope its on free Sunday…

My money s on Froch .

Its £16.95 on SKY, but that’s a rip off. I meant to put Froch to win by a KO in my previous post.
Cheers Dave.

Hard one I think groves has it though. I watched on sky last night froch sparring with Eubank Jnr he was all over froch and left him just throwing needless punches I think groves will do the same he’s to quick to sharp but if he goes toe to toe with frock it could be a different ending for him. I’m buzzing for it haven’t had a proper fight for a long time few mates round some beers and a curry and were splitting the ppv, so it’s so far costing me £3 instead of £16.95 everyone’s a winner :slight_smile:.

£3 a few beers an ya mates sounds like a good night…

last time I payed to see a fight was a long while ago , I think it might of been Eubank V Watson …

Last one I paid was a khan fight he got sparked in 30 seconds or something I was nearly crying lol.

I didnt watch this , but thanks to my son I know the outcome (Ah), hopefully there will be a free replay today on something…