Frieght exchange websites

Morning all.

I was wondering which exchange websites people have been on and find most useful. I have tried a couple in the past. The cheaper ones. They have come up with a few things but mainly one man and a laptop which I think in most cases is a recipe for disaster.

Constructive Views for uk and European freight exchange websites please people.

The firm I work for use Haulage Exchange.

Obviously it’s only used for return work and wouldn’t think about purely getting work from this but I’m sure you know that already.

We seem to do ok out of it but we won’t run for peanuts and will run back empty rather than a really crap rate, and having seen the rates on the printout/email a few times there is some good work on there but being honest I’m not the one trawling through it for them.

Also seems to be a good “networking” tool as we seem to get repeat work direct from firms we have worked for from there.

Cheers for that.

We have just started using & so far so good. We have found good loads & also made some good contacts that call us direct now & we have been able to sub some of our extra work out through the site.

We used Haulage Exchange for a year but when renewal came round we ducked out. It’s the same rate for 100+ fleets as it is for the little guys and after a year our subs represented over 10% of what we’d earned (not profit…gross earnings) and most of the rates were peanuts so we probably weren’t earning anything in the first place. We now either price a run as a round trip or don’t take it on unless we have something already lined up to come back.

It really all depends on what vehicles you run and how often are going to be using it.

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I operate a small fleet of artics on uk and European operations. Sometimes it is a bit difficult finding loads to place my trucks so I wondered weather to join an exchange website to get to know a few more people.

TIMOCOM used by about 90% of german operaters, in 24 languege, me thinks it costs 100€ per month, 1 month free Trial