French holidays

Hi fellas are there any bank holidays in France ! In May ? I’m going to clermont ferrand next week!


May bank holiday just the 29th now,
The others have passed was the the 1st & 8th

Bon Route

Watch out for unmarked Gendarmarie cars,they have radar that covers both directions on the road.
Normal cars used such as Peugot 206.
And there is the weekend truck ban every Saturday and Sunday in July and August.
No trucks allowed from 07.00 to 19.00 on Saturday which leaves onky 3 hours to get out of France before the ban that commences at 22.00 Saturday.
Then you are wings clipped until Sunday 22.00.
As you know,no radar detecters are not permitted in sat nav devices.They can seize the vehicle or impound it or a huge court deposit to be paid at the road side.
Zut alors.Bon Route.

Merci Messieurs

Tobe when that sat ban in force
The normal Sunday ban gets put back
To midnight so get 5 hours from 7pm

Every Thursday except the Thursday next week.

Not a bank holiday, but be warned that the roads will be very busy around the Normandy D-day landing beaches on the 5/6/7th June, for the 70th anniversary celebrations and commemorative ceremonies, especially around the Oustreham areas as that is going to be the place where the dignitaries will be and will be the centre of all that is going on.
Other areas that will certainly be tough to get around will be the historic sites, like St Mer Eglise, Pegasus Bridge, Vire, Caen. There will be all sorts of parades in most towns and cities and ceremonies in the war cemeteries.
Worth being on a ferry going out of Ouistrehan on the night of the 5th, as there is going to be a firework display goin right along the D-day beaches (arround 50km) starting at 23.00 hrs, ging from the furthest east and heading westward. Should be quite spectacular .

Holiday today In France?

Holiday today In France?


Cheers, I was waiting for my brother to reply as they live in Perpignan & usually inform me of these things :slight_smile: up the corridor it is then, if I ever get to Calais from Dover…