Freelance Insurence


This is my first post so be gentle with me.

I have been driving HGV 's for nearly
20 years but have recently gone the LTD driver route.

I have spoken to various people as you do with regards to insurance I might need. From what I have heard public liability insurance is only optional and not a legal requirement and as a freelance driver I am all ready covered under any companies motor insurance policy when driving there vehicles.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks ihmix

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When I’ve worked as a sole trader doing van work in my vehicle I have had PL insurance.

If you were going to be exposed I suppose it would be a scenario where say a building is damaged though fault of your actions and the company decline liability as the cause was down to you (make an example - runaway vehicle due to no handbrake not mechanical failure).

PL Insurance has always been pretty cheap compared to other cover I have generally had cover to £5 million for around £120 (but as van courier).

Thanks for the info. I will start to look into this and get some quotes.

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