Free trade agreement

As we know the EU started life as a free trade deal.
The USA has a similar deal with Canada and Mexico.
The EU and USA are now looking at joining together to make a huge free trade zone.
What will it mean for us?
Will we see American trampers throughout Europe?
Will we catch a Ferry from Liverpool to the States? I reckon it’s only a three day crossing.
Will we start using the Amercan drivers hours or will they have to use EU rules? … 4F20130708 … EA20130613
If you take a look at the link, There is a bit a the bottom that covers maritime transport, If they sort that one out, Then you can bet road transport will be on the agenda at some stage.

So one huge failing economy will join forces with another huge failing economy to make one humungous failure.

You’ve got to hand it to these people they are consistent, i seem to recall us joining a free trade agrrement called the common market, now called the EUSSR and about as accountable and truly democtratic as the old USSR.

It doesn’t work it fails miserably, but we’ll keep performing the same trick regardless.

Well although we are in the EU we are still in another agreement this does restrict some movement of goods - The Schengen Agreement, this is why we still have borders and customs inspections akin to a police state, we - well the gvt opted out of this agreement to protect us from undesirables, that worked didn’t it?
A genuine free trade agreement would be good with the rest of the world, I have recently tried to import some suspension parts from the USA but the company wouldn’t ship to the UK because of customs problems on both sides.
I can’t see US truckers in the EU unless they will be driven by eastern europeans as seems the case now and they can ship in fuel at $3 a gallon.

Think you’d already be able to take a load to america under TIR, there’s a roro ferry goes from liverpool. Doubt it would take passengers though. Dunno if you’d get a visa for the usa. Saw a german tourist coach in new york once, maybe from a cruise ship or something?

There’s quite a lot of ro-ro traffic across the north Atlantic: it’s mostly construction and farm equipment, which is driven on and off.
The ships call at Liverpool, Avonmouth and Southampton as well as visiting Germany.

The Atlantic Conveyor (of Falklands fame) was one such vessel.

Mexican truckers are kept out of the rest of North America for environmental and safety reasons…although the Mexicans are working to change this.

We’d have had a free trade agreement with the US years ago if we’d not been in the EU