Free LGV training in Yorkshire/Lancashire?

Does anyone know of any companies in the Yorkshire/Lancashire area that would put me through the training (Class 1 and Class 2) on the basis I would be ■■■■■■■ to work for them for a while?

Or can anybody tell me if there are free government training schemes for LGV drivers available in my area?

If anybody has managed to get free LGV training by either of the above methods can you please let me know… probably a long shot but worth a try!

You got to be joking.


It is difficult but do-able.

In this area (cornwall) rookie trucker managed to get his training paid for by the local regeneration scheme. It may be worth enquiring if any similar schemes exist in your area.

Failing that have you looked at a “career development loan”

plenty of free training in yorkshire .
just pop along to your army careers office sign on the dotted line accept the queens shilling bobs your uncle class 1 in no time at all and paid for while you train :smiley:

again i just posted this on another thread longs of leeds will train you up from vans to class 2 and class2 to artics but you have to stay with them a while.

I work for nightfright at sowerby bridge, west yorks. Been with them nearly 2 years now and they put me through my C and C+E and ADR. Will have had my C+E 1 year in April and that is without having to stay with them for any length of time coud leave tomorrow if i wanted.

They are all for training up there employees as they have there own training centre in Burnley. I had only been with them for nine months when they put me through my C licence.

cheers for the replies.

any more i can try?