Free events for SMEs from Brake, the road safety charity

Free events for SMEs from Brake, the road safety charity

Brake is running a series of free events aimed specifically at small businesses. These events will raise awareness of the risks associated with at-work driving, aiming to enable small businesses to save money and improve safety by addressing those risks.

This series of events is coordinated with the support of the Department for Transport.

A guidance report will be produced and distributed to all attendees after the events.

All of these events are FREE to attend. Book your place online, or by contacting Brake at or calling +44 (0)1484 559909.

Are your drivers working for you? FREE one hour webinar on influencing driver behaviour to improve safety and cost efficiency.

Thursday 12 December 2013, 2pm — 3pm GMT, online webinar

Experienced business people will give practical advice on how to improve safety through simple steps that are very low-cost or even free. This webinar will give an introduction to assessing, monitoring and influencing driver behaviour. Speakers will give an insight into driver psychology, to help you improve the driving behaviour of your staff. They will highlight key road safety messages you need to communicate to staff, and how to do so effectively.

Are your vehicles working for you? FREE one hour webinar on ensuring the safety of your large vehicles.

Thursday 30 January 2014, 2pm — 3pm GMT, online webinar

Topics to be covered include: load safety; wheel security; blind spots and protecting vulnerable road users; vehicle maintenance and checking; and driver training and monitoring. Best practice case studies and a question and answer session will be included so attendees can access practical advice that’s relevant to them.

Big savings for small businesses: FREE one day seminars on the basics and benefits of addressing road safety.

Thursday 6 February 2014, 11am — 4pm, London

Tuesday 25 February 2014, 11am — 4pm, Manchester

These seminars will explain how taking simple, inexpensive steps to improve the safety of your at-work drivers and vehicles can also save you significant amounts of money. Experienced business people will give best practice examples, including evidence of cost savings and crash reductions achieved, as well as practical advice you can take away and apply to your own organisation.

The seminar will be delivered through presentations and include an interactive workshop session. The seminar will address four key areas of work-related road safety: vehicles, journeys, drivers, and management.

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