Free book for me!

Always liked Neils diary’s so when he published them as a book i decided i would have to have a copy.

Never got round to ordering a copy until about three weeks before christmas when i decided to treat myself,so i go to amazon and order a copy and am informed it will be delivered by 21/12/2007.

A week and a half into january and still no book,so i email amazon and am told to contact the seller which i do but get no response whatsoever!!..two more weeks and emails to amazon sees me get refunded the £12.00 i paid and i forget about it.

Came home from work yesterday and the book has now arrived :laughing: :laughing: …started to read it now and can recommend it to anyone…its hard to put down once u start reading it,excellent book Neil,will u be doing another one?..although i might have to pay for the next one :laughing: :laughing:


I thought it would of been a nice touch if he could shown up in person for example at the do and offer to sign them for us :wink:

…Neil,will u be doing another one?..

As it happens I have been talking over doing another book this last week or so, it won’t be about my stuff though. The guy I run with most of the time these days has been to some great places and has a lot of very good stories which he wants me to turn into a book for him, so watch this space.

He has just given me a load of photos to look through and has said I can post them on here if I wish. I will probably stick them in either the Photo or Old Time forum over the week end.

Well if the first book is anything to go by i’ll go for the second one…just went to read a bit more and that was 2 hours ago!!..once i pick it up the time seems to fly :smiley: :smiley: