Fred Brown of Riffa Yorkshire

Anyone got any pictures of Fred Brown’s lorries? All I can really remember about them was that he used to run out of a yard on the Pool - Harrogate road at a place called Riffa in West Yorkshire, and his lorries were red with the “o” of “Brown” filled in in yellow. He was tenuously related to me by marriage and I used to be allowed to go and sit in the trucks in the yard when I was a nipper and pretend to drive them. I’d love to see some photos, or read anyone’s memories of the business but I can’t find anything on the web. Cheers.

A few from my collection from the 80’s


I worked for Browns in the early seventies when the wagon yard was behind their shop on Bondgate in Otley and the tractor/plant yard was about half a mile away in the middle of a housing estate all this was sold off and they moved to the new yard at Riffa which was originally a West ■■■■■■■■■■ Farmers depot. I was the drivers mate on their first large low loader pulled by a Volvo F86 later we got a F88 John Nipe drove it at the time, they also had a smaller rig pulled by a Ford D1000 driven by Stan Hawkins

Freddie used to run a lot of Leylands and Albions but when he bought a Volvo car in 1967 he liked it that much he got into F 86’s and had about 4 or 5 I think I remember an old Scammell Routemaster 8 wheel tipper which was ■■■■ Lodges truck he amazed me by being able to roll a ■■■ with one hand whilst driving this animal of a thing

They bought into a Swedish firm called Moxy who made dump trucks and 180 diggers in the mid eighties and even branched out into aviation with their own passenger plane based at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Good firm to work for and they had some top blokes on for them