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Don’t think they were racist. Just my two penn’orth

Perhaps he could have chosen his words better I grant. Perhaps a more (or not) PC thing would have been to say “ I hate Diane Abbot. Not because of her gender or the colour of her skin, I actually hate her because she’s stupid, as thick as pig ■■■ and she came dangerously close to representing the country I love as Home Secretary “ truthfull and not racist at all.

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Totally acceptable in my book to say that. No mention of colour gender necessary.
But allegedly he didn`t say that he said summat very different. And since he has apologised (sort of) was that for summat he didn’t say?!

But allegedly he specifically said “black” and “woman”. Neither of which (should) have any relevance to his comments.
That is exactly why he was being (want a new word?) misogynoir.

If he mentioned Abbott’s shoe size would that have been relevant? Of course not. That is why it wasn’t mentioned.
Abbott being black and a being a woman was mentioned. And why would that be unless he believed it was important?

Clearly he is using “black” and “woman” as measures of someone’s worth. That is wrong.
Using “stupidity” as a measure of worth or suitability to be Home Secretary is a fair comment. (If only that was used more often with all politicians! :grinning:)

Admittedly he could of chosen his words better, all he needed to say was that she is thick and incompetent. After a recent visit to Northern Ireland Diane Abbot was asked what she thought of County Down, she said she “much preferred it when Carol Vorderman did the numbers”. :roll_eyes:


That is funny. :+1:

Mind you, we can`t say that no other MPs have brain ■■■■■, can we?
And many MPs are very weak on the most basic arithmetic, or even facts! In fact, Home Secretaries are among them.

@franglais im going to need a new laptop soon if you keep making me spit my tea over it.

Yeah, I deliberately put that word there in a hopefully light way.

I only heard it this week, although it was coined in 2010.
Live and learn.

i nearly said i bet that will be picked up by the zellots but thought i was pushing it… sadly not

I foresee a long and heated thread coming up…
Well, maybe depending on who is and isn’t playing, or throwing huffs currently.

Lots of various avenues this can go. Can we expect a diverse discussion?

i didn’t realise it was a word that was already in use i took it like you meant it. however do we need a word that describes being sexist and racist to a person with a particular? skin colour to ourselves. when the words sexist and racist cover it.

I think misogynoir was first used about hip-hop culture where black women are treated differently to white women.

Maybe in this alleged case he does not have a down on women generally? I have no idea either way. But the reported words do certainly show someone who has a down on black women. So maybe he isn`t a misogynist?

When the media take a thing like this and make it a top news story, it just makes me think its a diversionary tactic.

He was in a private meeting in his own HQ and it was five years ago. Yes it was “ill conceived” to say it out loud , but he may have felt he was in “a safe environment”; by the same token I could get serious grief for some things I’ve said in a classroom full of drivers, one of my worst “offences” being the occassional use of a word the autocensor might take exception to, phonetically you’d pronounce it as “pie key” .

Am I sorry, no, in context it was completely acceptable. Do I expect people to repeat it outside of the classroom environment? No, “what’s said in the room stays in the room” is how I run my courses, along with a jokey “snitches get stitches”.

Having read versions of what it is claimed he said, I feel like maybe this is not the most important thing in current politics

We certainly have got a lot to choose from!

I’m reminded of Edwina Curry’s “salmonella in eggs” scandal, some PR character proving the age-old adage “Bread and Circuses” being all the public need

Re innumerate Home Secretaries

After seeing Diane Abbot’s mug every time I’ve looked at the press these past few days :nauseated_face:, Priti Patel is beginning to look quite hot :astonished: Even though she has always looked to me like she ought to have been a scary stiletto-heeled testicle-crunching fem-dom character

(apparently “fem-dom character” is acceptable to the auto censor but "domin_a_trix " is not)

You think she isn’t ?

Insert emoji with a Roger Moore raised eyebrow

You have inside info? Personal experience perhaps? :grin:
We should edit her Wikipedia page and wait for the media to run with it Dame Domin-a-trix, I can see it now… :laughing:

I see she’s another Bojo cronie that got one of his dodgy exit-honours, like our local Tees Valley Mayor “Lord” Houchen. Pleased to see polls have him on course to be ousted, tainted massively be association with the blond-haired-buffoon

Teeside Freeport?
Oh yes…

To be fair they actually renamed a whole country from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe and kicked out the whole South African government because skin colour matters and was celebrated across all Brit Parties.Obviously when it suits the British establishment.