France Industrial Action Etc

As an addition to the ongoing problems with diesel, there has been trouble re ferries. Approaches to some ports have been partially blocked. Trucks are being stopped (see later) from entering ports. Tourist traffic is being allowed to pass freely. In Ouistreham trucks were stopped from entering the port on Friday, but the protesters opened the road about 23hrs Fri evening. More blockades are being widely rumoured for next week. Guess the usual suspects of Paris basin, Fos, and ring roads around regional centres etc. Im not any sort of political expert, but looks to be an ongoing problem. And if anyone is contemplating doing a delivery anywhere near an oil refinery....dont!

oil refinery are hard to avoid when your a tanker driver . Le Havre as been ok this week loaded out of there Wednesday and out of Rouen on Monday . but last week was a nightmare we had 4 trucks in that area 1 got loaded 3 returned empty on the Friday nights boat to Portsmouth :frowning: