Found this .....

…in a box of photo’s for sale at Oswestry Truck Show this afternoon. Bit of a story that goes like this. On new years eve,my cousin passed away, after a long and prosperous career as a potato merchant. Not many pics were taken over the years as he regarded the trucks an occupational hazard, and if he could have moved the spuds without trucks, he would have done.
I can recall doing trips to Scotland (Arbroath to be precise) leaving home on christmas day , and new years day one year, to load seed, with this truck, and double manning to pembroke, for their season. What a class guy he was to work for, looked after all his drivers, family or not. Sadly missed.

Needless to say I was well happy to find this in a box, as I said, for the princely sum of 50p.
The observant amongst you will notice it isn’t me driving, it’s Graham .

“Behind Yer!!!”

Salut, David.

“Behind Yer!!!”

Don’t admit anything :astonished:

and we’ll be Ok :open_mouth:

Just remember they can’t prove a thing! :laughing: