Found a job within 2 days


Emailed quite a few companies on Tuesday, and had a phone call this morning inviting me for an interwiev. Got all my kit, boots, hi-vis, maps, licence, digi and whatever else and went to see my new boss. We had a very nice conversation about training, and about job itself. Never had any assessment, as bloke said, I would need some training before I’ll go on my own. It is a small family business and I’m looking forward till June 15th, when I’ll start. Next week will have a day with a driver, who will show me the job. I’m so excited…

To add some more info: class 1, different things to do, from waste tankers to store deliveries, some pallet work. Money about average in my area, can’t complain. Will earn less than on the buses, but… Need to get some experience and I just got my foot in the door…

Well done. Brilliant start. Good luck with it. Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Nice to hear this well done and good luck

Well done aspro, didn’t take me long to find work either, hope it all works out well for you :slight_smile:

Good Job. Well done :slight_smile:

well done mat! good on you.

me too, got me licence back Wednesday and bam Thursday out to work. Sat there doing the tests and registration Thursday morning and he says can you do 5am start tomorrow? I said yes sure and so that was my start, carried on filling in the test sheet on WTD drivers hours etc. and his partner comes in and says would you get us out of the crrrappp and do a run this afternoon! music to my ears. Anyway nice little run 2012 Scania HGV 2 picked it up Stourton and took it to Asda Doncaster. Nice short shift 5hours in a fully automatic to ease me in.

well done aswell then :smiley:

Alder: great news… Best of luck with your new employment…
Hope, everything goes well for us

I just complicated my own things… Done my test drive/ assessment on Wednesday, and had to used my digicard. Now have to do charts for the whole week and keep them for another 4 weeks, then post them back to my old company… Handed my notice in yesterday, bosses weren’t surprised at all:) Anyway it is a strange feeling to leave a place you worked for last 7 years. One more week and no more buses:)

Yeah I did a long shift today 4:30-6:30 and looking at the buses that was my thought no more of them, much rather drive a truck :smiley:

Just finished with buses. 7 years is a part of a past hostory. Starting new job on Monday. Hope everything will go nice and smooth.